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The Most Sensuous Parts of a Woman’s Body

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Both males and females have certain areas in their bodies that are very delicate. If one can hit the proper spots, it will turn on him/her without wasting time. If you are a beginner in this area, it will be very important to know some of these spots. This is because sex education is not provided in most schools, and not everyone will do these things.

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This will affect your self-confidence if you fail to satisfy or turn on your partner. In this article, we will discuss the most sensual parts of a woman’s body that will turn her on (if the right spots are hit) and turn you on too.

Some of these lists are as follows-

  1. The ears

Generally, the ears are considered to be erotic, but it is still very much overlooked by many during sex. But if you are someone who wants to spice things up in the bed, then you can aim for the area around her year. The ears are very sensitive due to the presence of many sensory receptors. You can be rough by gently biting her ear or even licking it. If you are good at kissing, you should aim towards the bottom of the ear as it is a great spot for kissing.

  1. The stomach

To everyone’s surprise, it was found that woman is very sensitive in the lower part of their stomach, which is between the pubic area and the belly button. If you can hit the spot properly, then it will be enough to stimulate her. You can use your hands and your mouth or tongue to tease her near her belly button. It is very known that women are very sensitive near their belly button area. If you are good at kissing, you can even try to kiss her sensually.

  1. The V Spot

The V spot was one of the major findings for the females. This is very important as it is linked to the vaginal canal (through which women are penetrated). Like the other sensuous spots, the V spot is filled with nerve endings, making it a touch-sensitive area. To stimulate the sexual feelings of a female, you just need to rub around the vaginal canal or the V spot. Once you have partially stimulated your girl, you can put your fingers inside her vaginal canal, providing her with unapparelled sexual satisfaction. You can also explore the different areas and corners of the V spot to find a suitable spot to tease her. You should note that this is one of the most sensitive areas for women, so try to be as gentle as possible.


  1. The Anus

One thing that you should know is that butt stuff will not suit everyone. If you are not interested in the butt area, you should stay away. But for the others, it can be heaven and a hot spot. The anus area has a lot of nerve endings, due to which you can make her vulnerable and stimulate her feelings. It is a bit complicated to deal with the anus area as something might work for someone while it might not work for you or the others, so it is always advised to try everything and see what suits you.

  1. Hair

This might be the simplest and most sensual thing a man can do to a woman. You must put your hands through her hair, but don’t forget to do it gently. Doing it in a hurry or in a fast-paced way will end up hurting her. Every woman likes compliments about her hair, so if you can rub her hair along with complimenting her, then chances are that she will be impressed with you along with being turned on.

  1. The lips

It might sound boring, but trust me, lips are one of the most sensual parts of a woman’s body. Unlike the other sensuous parts, lips are exposed and have many nerve endings, which makes them touch sensitive. Kissing a woman properly will give her butterflies and aggravate her sexual feelings for her partner. Even a slight touch to the lips can bring a rush of emotions to the woman. If you want to make her more sensual, you can try to lick her lips with your tongue while kissing her.

  1. The nipples

If you were reading the article and trying to find a nipple in the list, your wait is over. The list of the most sensuous parts of a woman’s body is just as incomplete as pizza is without the cheese. The nipple sensitivity varies from female to female. One might have high sensitivity to touch in the nipple, while some might have less. Women with high nipple sensitivity cab have nipple orgasms without any other type of stimulation. Just like breasts or vagina, nipples are very sensitive, and applying pressure on them can cause immense pain to the female, so you must be gentle during nipple play. If you are good at nipple play, then it will be enough to give her an orgasm.

  1. The breasts

Like the vagina, breasts are one of the most sensuous and delicate parts of a woman’s body. Breasts can be big and small, but every woman has a weakness when it comes to their breasts. Breasts have many intricate nerves ending, making them much more sensitive. If you already have played with female boobs, then you know the right way to do it, but for beginners, you should know that you must gently massage or massage with care. This will turn them on by activating their sensual feelings about their partners.


Most sensuous parts of a woman’s body are sensitive, so you should be gentle while teasing her in those spots. Many spots on this list can cause an orgasm if the right spots are hit. Some of these spots might be the V spot and the nipples. At first, you should keep things at their basic, but with time then, you can explore the other spots and decide what works for you,

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