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How is Yoga related to sexual drive?

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The connection between Yoga and good sex life is a very well-established fact. Yoga helps in improving the overall bodily functions that include the body’s sexual function. A study was conducted on a group of women who practiced yoga for 12 weeks. The researchers concluded that all the women who had participated in the study showed a significant improvement in their sex lives.

However, there is a more profound link between Yoga and sex. There is an actual existence of a Bonafede activity called Yogasex. In this activity, either both or one of the partners actually hold a yoga pose and have pleasurable sex at the same time.

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  1. Yoga enables you to listen to your body

Due to the overstimulated working environment of this age where almost everyone is accessible over the internet, it is common practice of human beings to not pay attention to their own circadian rhythms. The human body is designed to wake up with sunrise, gradually escalate activities progressively through the day and complete work by the evening and get adequate sleep at night. However, in this cyber age, many people are working beyond their borders and are involved in working with professionals who are in a different time zone. This type of a working environment requires a person to work in hours which are in opposition to their own circadian rhythms.

Yoga seems very simple but it is a very potent tool which enables an individual to listen to one’s body and control their mind. Yoga practice enables the mind, body and soul of a person to come together and work as a single unit.

It is said that everything in the Universe, living or non-living, vibrates at a certain frequency. The Yoga principles are actually based on Yogic sciences. The meaning of Yoga in Sanskrit is Union. The essence of Yoga is often lost in translation. Yoga is not about bending, contorting, or twisting your limbs and body into impossible anatomical positions. The positions of Yoga are more about attaining oneness with the vibrations of the Universe. The Yoga positions or Asanas are about allowing the body’s energies to flow such that they attain the frequency of the vibrations of the Universe as a whole.


According to modern scientific research, the whole limitless Universe is just one energy. The religions of the world also support this when they say that God is omnipresent. Science and religion seem to agree differently on one point of conclusion. Science says that the entire limitless Universe is one energy while religions agree on the presence of God everywhere. The modern physicist has also found the God particle which is also the basic block of everything in the Universe.

  1. A lesser-known phenomenon that is known as Yogasex

As aforesaid, Yoga sex is the seamless use of traditional yoga positions during stimulative or penetrative sex. One or more of the partners get into and hold a yoga pose, while another person stimulates or penetrates them. The most prolific and ancient depiction of Yogasex is in the Khajuraho temples in the Chhatarpur district in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. The site is a very popular tourist attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temples have the most popular depiction of yoga sex where both or multiple partners might also hold a yoga pose during oral, anal or vaginal sex.

According to the studies conducted on Yoga sex, it scored heavily on all parameters of the study. The parameters of the study included self-reporting on Pain, Arousal, Desire, Lubrication, Orgasm, Satisfaction etc.

  1. Yoga is the simplest, clinically proven and most effective loneliness related stress buster

The major malady of this jet-setting internet age is stress related to feelings of loneliness. Research on the human psychology has shown that humans are not rational beings. Humans are gloriously emotional beings. Human beings take decisions based on their emotions and then they use their logical brain to justify their decisions to themselves and also the society at large. Humans are said to be social animals and the feeling of loneliness is one of the prime emotions that humans have a need to avoid at all cost.


Since the core benefit of yoga is that it attunes a human being to the vibrations of the Universe, it is the most potent weapon against loneliness related stress. Yoga has an incredibly positive impact on the sexual, reproductive as well as the overall health, well-being and quality of life of humans. Yoga decreases anxiety, stress, infertility issues and a myriad of other problems. The issue with yoga is that it is so simple and such an open secret that people find it hard to believe that it has such superpowers.

Did you know about Yogasex?

As aforesaid, Yogasex has been immortalized in the world-famous Khajuraho temples. It has existed for thousands of years but people are waking up to its benefits only recently. It is also known as flexibility sex. This is due to the fact that having sex in postures also makes a person nimbler and more flexible.

The simplest Yogasex positions for beginners

Start your Sex session in the Savasana position and move to the Ananda Balasana

The Savasana literally means the death posture. The person has to lie on her back with his or her eyes closed and progressively visualize the relaxation of her entire body from the muscles and nerves at the bottom of his or her feet to the muscles on his or her scalp that control the hair on his or her head.

This enables the relaxation of the entire body within five minutes. If the male partner lies in the Svasana posture, then the female partner can ride him in the cowgirl or the reverse cow girl position. If the female partner lies in the savasana position then the male partner can start with cunnilingus and then penetrate her in the standard missionary position.

For a deeper penetration, the male partner can put a pillow behind the female partner’s buttocks and  raise her hips to further activate her pelvic floor muscles. This position gets the female partner automatically in a Kegel exercise position and leads to greater connection and pleasure.

The Ananda Balasana is where a partner lies on his or back, bends his or her legs at 90 degress so that his or her thighs are in line with the side of his or her body and the bottom of his or feet are pointed at the ceiling. If the female partner is in this pose, the male partner can penetrate her by keeping her feet near his shoulders. If the male partner is in the Ananda Blaalasana pose, the female partner can indulge herself in the reverse missionary position with herself on top. The Ananda Balasana pose also stretches and relaxes the gluteus and lower back musculature.

Yoga re-engineers your being and helps you determine your identity

Yoga makes you understand your position in the Universe. It enables you to determine who are are by connecting you to a higher power. It wires you to the correct fundamentals of your existence. Yogasex helps you to truly unite with your partner during sex.

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