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Your definitive guide to having amazing swimming pool sex

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Water is the most used naturally occurring chemical that is used by humans after the air. Humans can hardly survive without water. Water has amazing therapeutic benefits. Sex in water is a whole new ball game. The experience is very different from having sex in various positions in the bedroom. Once you’ve taken the necessary precautions, you can have fun and enjoy underwater sex.

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What does a swimming pool sex session feel like?

If you want to gauge the environment of swimming sex, you can have a look at the movement of astronauts in space. They function in a place where there is a negligible influence of gravity. On land, your body is always subjected to the gravitational pull of the earth which is termed 1G. In the case of swimming pool sex, your body is subjected to a gravitational pull of about 0.2G, which is about 20 percent of the gravitational pull that you are used to.

Therefore, you and your need to hold on to something as an anchor for proper penetrative sex. When you have sex in the pool, both your and your partner’s body is more buoyant. The advantage is that you will not feel the weight of your bodies, you will have the luxury of floating around and not perspiring during sex. You can get into novel sexual positions by winding your legs around body parts that you just couldn’t on land.

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There is no danger of getting over-excited during your romping session and falling out of bed. Both you and your partner can feel completely free to stretch out and explore the entire pool while you feel only about 20 percent of your body weight on land.

The feeling of weightlessness and the freedom of movement that your swimming pool sex session allows can make you go on for hours. Like any new activity, observing a few new rules can make your swimming pool sex romp session a memorable one.

The all-important caveats for swimming pool sex

This is the reason we are beginning with the most important caveat for swimming pool sex. The first thing you need to ensure is that you can have total control of your privacy. It is very important to note that almost everyone has access to a mobile camera these days. Unless you intend to make it a public affair, you have to make it a point that your swimming pool; romp is a very private affair. In a public swimming pool or a swimming pool in a club, anyone can hear, witness, and film your lovemaking romp. If you want to avoid unwanted attention and recording from outsiders, choosing a private pool is your best option.

A private pool is a great place for a fun-filled, voyeuristic private romp. to play in. Make sure that your private romp does not break any public nudity and indecency laws. This is more applicable if you have less than an optimal relationship with the neighbors. Check beforehand to ensure that walls or partitions are in place to protect your privacy from the neighbors. In short, don’t break the law while you have sex in a pool.

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Contrary to popular notion, water dries the inside of the vagina

According to the feedback gathered from people who had sex in the pool, it surprised most participants that water dries out the vagina. It is an odd paradox that having sex in the water can be tougher on your vagina than having sex in the bedroom. The majority of the participants were very surprised to find that water is not a vaginal lubricant. Water washed away the water-based lubricants and the vaginal secretions which act as a natural lubricant during penetrative sex.

The very unexpected lack of lubrication made micro-abrasions inside the vagina a very painful aftereffect of penetrative sex in the swimming pool. Additionally, most swimming pools have chlorinated water. The micro-tears inside the vagina get further irritated when they are pounded in chlorinated water. It is important to note that chlorinated water is caustic.

However, the problem can be solved by using Silicone-based sexual lubricants that will not get washed away. It is advisable to keep a generous amount of sexual lubricant handy as sex in the swimming pool usually lasts significantly longer than regular bedroom sex.

Using a thick greasy lubricant like Vaseline can also be the perfect solution to this problem. A healthy dose of fingering with very generous amounts of silicone-based or a thick, greasy sexual lubricant before getting in the water can set the tone for the perfect swimming pool sex session.

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Plan very long foreplay in water. Start the stimulation with a dildo.

It is said that success is a planned event. If you fail to plan, you are also likely planning to fail. Since a vibrator can stop functioning in water, it is advisable to start the sexual session in the pool with a dildo. Carry a glass dildo smeared with generous amounts of the aforesaid lubricant for additional stimulation. You can also go for double stimulation.

You can start with vaginal stimulation with the dildo and then go for anal stimulation. You can also leave the dildo in her anus while you go for vaginal penetration.

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If you find that you cannot come in the water, you can finish off with some hard pounding on the floor beside the pool 

It is highly advisable to stay away from choosing a position where your partner’s head is underwater. It is a good idea to use the pipes, steps, rails, etc. to find the optimal sexual position. You must find a strong footing and hold on to something. The reason is that pools can be slippery and slipping and falling may lead to unwanted accidents. Additionally, do not have sex in the pool if you are in an inebriated state or under the influence of drugs. Take extra precautions if you and your partner do not know how to swim.

Keep a towel or a water bed handy by the pool where you can pound your partner properly so that you can come. if you observe the aforesaid rules, you can still have a safe and romantic time in the pool. The freedom to splash around, and feel the cool water all over your body will make your experience a heavenly one.

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