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The Most Sensuous Parts of a Man’s Body

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We all know that while having good intercourse, we need to get into that mood to have that fire lit inside ourselves. The process of intercourse is also considered healthy for both partners. To lift the feeling in men, some body parts perform outrageously and help to trigger the emotion. Some reasons we all feel tickling under the feet, waist and chest area. These happen because of the presence of nerve endings in those locations. Nerve endings help to forward the information to the brain as to whether the ticklish act is pain or pleasure.

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Therefore, let us look into the most sensual parts of a man’s body, which can help you build the mood immediately and have a sacred moment.

  1. Inner thighs

Men usually have a sensational feeling in the abdominal area. Inner thighs are one of the most sensual to be called as it causes extreme arousal, which tends to uplift the emotion and drag the feel to roar. Inner thighs help delay the orgasm and focus more on the penis regional. These then help to divert the sentiment towards the inner thighs and thus will keep your man turned on for a limited time as this is not enough to light up the fire.


  1. Scalp

As stated above, the scalp is a body part full of nerve endings. You have numerous ways, from a head massage to head lugging, which can help you turn your man on at the very moment. You have a significant advantage if your man has much sensation in his hair region. Gently rub your hands and go inside the hairs, into the scalp to show the care slowly with your hands and see the results.

  1. Chest

There are so many points to trigger your man up in the bed, but before that, you need to take your time to get into the form of arousal. Babysit your guy by just rubbing your palm on his chest and luring his nerves to get those feelings rising. Tickle a bit and make him laugh, keep the pace on a bit of a slower side and continue with the pathway through the ribs. Remember, sex is all about discovering your partner with comfort and happiness. Don’t be serious; continue rubbing upon the chest area and let your man do his job.

  1. Dorsum

The wrist is an important area for lifting the feeling. We usually have contact with others’ wrists to check their heartbeats. Surprisingly checking pulse can also be an act up intimating, this gives the lust a reload to fire up. The wrist area also has numerous nerve endings, which can help you lure up the emotion in your guy. Just slow up the process and lighten up the mood.

  1. Nipples

The male nipples are one of the most ignored body parts of their body. Compared with the female activity, it is worst to overlook this part as it is one of the most sensual partsyou can ever discover. Just like in females, a firm rubs, a gentle pinch, and a little handful of play can help your man turn on his furious side which will help you later.


  1. Scrotum

One of the most sensitive parts in a man’s body creates a prominent hue of pain and a trigger point to lure your man. A gentle rub along with a firm squeeze with the hands can help you to turn him up. It is a pleasure point for the boys. Just start at a pace like a snail and discover his feelings while gently going over them. Keep the touch as soft as possible and squeeze firmly, too, as a rough touch can cause a lot of pain.

  1. Lips

We already know that lips are one of the most sensitive parts in both male and female bodies for the same reason: some nerve endings are present in that area. Move towards his lips and light up the point with a gentle kiss. A kiss is one of the most valuable acts to trigger a man’s emotions, so start the process with a kiss firmly and then get wild to make him feel the emotion in yourself.

  1. Perineum

This part is located in the abdominal region, specifically between the scrotum and the anus. This part seems tiny, but the sensation it provides is not tiny at all. The area has many nerve endings that trigger the emotion while rubbing gently. The pelvic muscles also help to fire the mood of your man. Best time to discover this area while you are into intense oral sexual activity. A gentle touch of your lips can do wonders in your man.

  1. Buttocks

Another famous spot is the presence of a pile-up of nerve endings but not as sensual as others. Females often like to spank to squeeze their partner’s buttocks during intercourse. The most important thing to do while making out is to lure up the buttocks gently at a plodding pace which can help him trigger and add more fuel to the kiss.

  1. Penis

The most sensitive part of a man’s body that can light up the fire is the penis. The penis has more than 5000 nerve endings, making it devastating during intercourse. Apart from the head of the penis, which gives the best sensation while touched, the frenulum is not much behind. Slight hand touch or during oral sex can trigger your guy and make you feel the fun. The frenulum is another sensitive part to nurture around the penis area.

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So here are the best ten sensual parts of a man’s body that can help nurture your man and make him rule you in the bed. Some features mentioned are susceptible, so handle them gently as a slight mistake can pain a lot, and your hard work will be a waste. Take your time, perform all the activities slowly and gently or else being in a hurry can kill the moment. Enjoy the areas mentioned and make your man dominate you after you are done with the most luscious body parts of your man’s body and discover each other more upon the bed.

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