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Tips for How to Turn a Woman on by Playing with the Hands

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Sex is misunderstood and wrongly judged by the kids of this generation. There is a big problem with sex as there are many wrong beliefs connected with sex. Sexual intercourse is something that pleases both the man as well as the female. We already know that both males and females have certain expectations from their partners. The problem starts when the partner fails to meet the expectations. One might not understand the seriousness of this matter as these things can cause mental stress.

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So, let’s understand how you can turn on your female partner by playing with the hands. Here are some of the tips that can help you do it.

  1. Understand the delicate spots

Every woman has some delicate spots on her entire body. Some of the most common spots are the nipples, vagina, neck and many more. If you can hit those spots, then there is a big chance that she might turn on as hitting those spots would stimulate her sexual feelings. You must also understand that a woman’s body is as delicate as a flower petal, so it must be taken good care of, so if you are a beginner, try to be gentle instead of too physical.


  1. Play with her hair

If your girl has long or normal hair, then another way of turning her on would be by running your fingers through her hair. But you are rough; there is a big danger of turning her off. Remember that the girls have bigger hair which makes it a lot painful if it is pulled, so being gentle is the only way of pleasing her while playing with her hair. It can be a big turn-on if you can prove your love and care towards your girl’s hair. The best thing about it is that it is not a sexual activity, which means you can do it in the presence of other people too.

  1. Grab her boobs

One of the biggest ways of turning her on would be groping her boobs. Groping a woman’s boobs is an art; not everyone can do it properly, but if you can do it, then it would be a big turn-off for the girl. You can squeeze and play with her boobs along with licking them. This will stimulate her womanly sexual feelings. Another way of turning her on would be nipple play. The nipple is very sensitive to touch, so one needs to be very gentle while rubbing it.

As nipples are sensitive to touch, they can stimulate her sexual desires if she can play with them with your hands. Just like during fingering, in this case, also you need to trim your nails as while squeezing the boobs, you might end up hurting her.

  1. Fingernails must be trimmed and clean

We already know how important it is to keep your hands clean. If not, let me tell you that during foreplay or sex, you touch the naked body of your girl. Among all the spots of your girl’s body are delicate spots like the vagina. So, it is very important to keep it clean if you don’t want to transmit any disease to her. Along with cleaning your hands, you should also trim your nails as they don’t look hygienic and carry many germs. Generally, long nails could prove to be a big turn-off as they might end up hurting the delicate spots of her body.

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  1. Fingering is a good option

If you try to remember the day you lost your virginity, you will remember that one of the first sexual things you did that day was most probably fingering. Fingering Is the time when your hands come into the clutch. Normally hands are not very common in sexual activities, but this is one of the times when the unsung hero makes your girl moan. Fingering is one of those things that please women the most, which makes are moan out of orgasm.

You should be decisive with your finger when it comes to fingering. One finger, two fingers, or even multiple can be used to please her. This also acts as foreplay as fingering stretches the vagina as well as releases lubricants, due to which sexual intercourse becomes smoother than ever.

  1. Washing hands before foreplay

A woman likes hygiene over anything, which is why you must ensure that you are hygienic as her partner. Apart from her liking, it is also very important to keep your hands hygienic as you will be touching the naked body of a woman, so if your hands are unclean, then chances are that you could transmit diseases to her along with turning her off.

You need to understand that while foreplay or sexual intercourse, you will be touching her vagina and mouth. We already know that vagina is one of the most delicate areas of a woman’s body, so you must be completely sure about your cleanliness or hygiene before touching her vagina.

  1. Don’t Be Shy

Every woman likes a confident guy, so you should always be confident during sex or foreplay. You should be the one to approach her as your partner would appreciate this. The main thing that comes next is that you must touch her and be in physical contact instead of slacking away. Sex is impossible without physical touch. All women crave the physical presence of their partner, especially his penis. This is why you must act like a man and do everything possible to please her.


All these steps are unnecessary if you know how to please your women, but such is not the case for beginners. It is very important for them as they want to please their girl and have a good first impression. You will need some time to perform all these perfectly, but you can keep your girl happy with the practice. Then you should know how to physically please her in the right way. One thing to remember that always be gentle

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