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How to make her come multiple times?

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According to research, women generally feel more energetic after orgasm while men go through a downtime after an orgasm. This is probably the reason why male fighters are asked to go through a period of no sex before a competitive fight day. The women fighters on the other hand are asked to indulge themselves after their practice sessions on the days leading to a competitive fight day.

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Women can orgasm multiple times 

Women are generally inhibited about the proper expression of their need for sexual pleasure due to societal pressure. However, once the floodgates of a woman’s pleasure are opened, there is no stopping her. It is a little-known fact that women are physiologically geared to climax or achieve orgasm multiple times in a single session.

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The physiology of a female orgasm

An orgasm is also known as a climax. The words are used interchangeably. An orgasm or climax refers to the physiological state of peak sexual excitement where the body usually releases various fluids, hormones, etc. The female ejaculation is usually characterized by her urethra expelling fluid. The female body can either squirt fluid or ejaculate fluid. The squirted fluid is usually colorless and odorless while the ejaculated fluid is thick, white, and milky in color and texture. The fluid squirted by a female during orgasm is usually larger in quantity than the fluid ejaculated fluid by a female during orgasm. The fluids contain PSA or prostatic acid phosphatase, fructose, etc. According to medical research, the PSA and fructose are discharged from the Skene’s glands. The Skene’s gland is located near the female G-spot at the front of the inner wall of the vagina. Orgasm is always marked by a feeling of intense pleasure, pulse rate, blood pressure, spasms of the pelvic muscles, and intense contractions of the lower vagina and the urethra. Females are physiologically capable of experiencing orgasm from a very tender age. Once the female attains an orgasm remains sexually excited longer and may experience several successive orgasms.

The nature of a female orgasms

A good analogy for female orgasm is the opening of the floodgates of a dam. If it happens once, it can happen repeatedly. According to research, a woman takes a considerably longer period to fall in love or get into a relationship than a man. However, the commitment level of a woman in a relationship is usually greater than that of her male counterpart.

According to research on female psychology, the sexual behavior of women is similar to their nature. Once it starts, there is no stopping her.

Women have an inherent need to be genuinely cared for and loved

According to the latest research, males generally dish out love and caring and expect sex in return while their female counterparts serve sex on a hot platter and expect love and caring in return. While it is very important for all human beings to be loved, it is more important for a woman to be loved by her partner or boyfriend, or husband than the rest of the human race. Make her feel loved and spend time in foreplay

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Start by stimulating her G-spot with your fingers

For a woman, her partner must take his or her time to spend a generous amount of time on foreplay. Spending time on foreplay helps to initiate her into the world of pleasure, makes her pleasure points more active, and amps up her psyche towards enjoying an orgasm. As a man, it is a great idea to save the part of the session where you penetrate her vaginally or anally with your penis for the latter part of the session. Clitoris stimulation with fingers is one of the easiest ways in which a man can make a woman climax.

Make her come by using your tongue

Research shows that older men in a relationship with women who are much younger than them use this particular sex act. It is so loved by women that the lure of it, in addition to other things, keeps them in the relationship. Women love oral sex so much that it can make a woman continue to stay in a relationship. Therefore, you should make it a point to work your magic orally and make her squeal with the joy of sexual pleasure.

You can also use your hands and mouth together like a pro 

All women are wired to have a mothering nature by the millions of years of evolution. Research has shown that children who are breastfed by their mothers are usually healthier and stronger than those who are not. A woman needs to have developed and properly shaped nipples to breastfeed their baby. Therefore, women usually respond very well to stimulation of their nipples.

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You can make the woman orgasm like a rocket if you can stimulate her g-spot downstairs as well as her nipples. You can make her lovingly lie on your lap. You can stimulate her G-spot with your fingers while you lick and suck her nipples with your tongue and mouth. This is a sure-shot formula to make her reach an ecstatic orgasm.

The next one is a more difficult sexual posture. You can use your tongue to stimulate her G-spot while you stimulate her nipples with your fingers. You might need some practice to get everything right to make her come in this rather acrobatic posture.

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The face to face her legs on your shoulder pose

You can penetrate her vagina with your erect penis while also licking and sucking her nipples with your tongue and your mouth in this pose. Let her lie on her back with a pillow below her buttocks at the edge of the bed. Gently get her to lift her legs into the air, creating a right angle with her body. Stand on the edge of the bed and gently push her legs back a bit further toward their body with your shoulders. Position your erect penis so that you can penetrate her vagina and bend over while slipping your head between your legs so that your mouth is on her nipples. Enter your erect penis inside her vagina while licking and sucking her nipples at the same time. You need to be rounded back to both fuck and suck her at the same time. The legs-on-shoulders position is a great variation of the missionary position. It enables you to stimulate her both upstairs and downstairs and maintain eye contact.

If you follow the guidelines mentioned, you can make her come at least 3 times while you save yourself for the final Cumming together.

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