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8 Things Your Hands Can do to Turn on a Woman

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Making a woman reach orgasm is one of the real challenges every man faces. It may take you longer, but the right start can bring you more pleasure. Since every woman has different pressure points there are certain things you can do with your hand to turn her on.

Whether in a room or a public place, your hands can always help you get your name mourned out. To know how your hands can be the best tools to turn a woman on, Delhi Escorts can give you the best experience.

You can play at two grounds simultaneously to win one match. Bring your hand on her for a tempting glid, intense hold, and a raw touch, and watch her turn on. This will not only help her but will allow you to know exactly what makes her happy. Here is a list of activities you can consider doing with your hand to turn on a woman:

  1. One hand’s Fingers on her lips while your other hand grabs her on her waist

Grabbing the waist and butt cheeks of your partner can be extremely hot during foreplay. Depending on your position if you grab their waist, you are not just pulling them closer to you but deep inside you. When you put your finger on her lips and pull her closer, you are telling them that you are not able to get enough of her and want them to be closer to you. Pulling her close simply gives her that sensation of closeness and dominance for smooth sex.

  1. Tease her nipples both at a time

She might be dying for you to touch her nipples. But do not touch them directly for a while. This is one of the hot parts, so go slowly. Tease her nipples for a while. You may add other sensations as well. Oils, clamps, lotions, and nipple vibrators can boost the pleasure. Try building the sensation around first before touching the nipples and breasts. You can try light touches to circle your areola and breasts too.


  1. One Hand over her neck behind the ear while the other hand plays with her hair 

There is nothing better than a girl with hair that you can play with or pull during foreplay and sex. The top of the head is a sensitive spot for many women, so give her a soft head massage or try tugging at her hair. Your girl will love it when you gently touch hold her neck and get your hands in her hair. You can also pull her hair a bit when she is completely turned on. This will give her the sensation that you want to go further and she will enjoy the process.

  1. Trace her body gently

You are the artist right now. Draw every crease and edge of her body with your finger. Let her feel the sensation of touch. Trace her soft inner thighs, her lips, and the roundness of both of her breasts with soft touches. Save the clitoris and nipples for the last. Let her crave for it until you do it.

  1. Finger her vagina while you lick her mons

When it turns heavy and hot, move a little closer and allow your fingers to get lost in movement, breathing, and pleasure. Give her the sensation of touch with your tongue and fingers. You might hold her waist tightly or press her breasts while licking her mons and clitoris. When fingering her, don’t push your fingers too deep inside. Give her some time to give her that right orgasmic high and then watch her melting in your hands.


  1. Stimulate her Clitoris with one hand and hold her one buttock with the other

To be very honest, the best part to explore is the clitoris after you warm her up. Master how to stimulate her clitoris and she will thank you later.You will find the clitoris right at the top of the vagina. It is the most sensitive part and often feels like a small button. Experiment with touching it with different speeds, pressures, and techniques. While playing with her clitoris, hold one of her buttocks tightly for the grip. Remember not to go hard right from the beginning.

  1. Hold her neck with one and make her suck your index and middle finger of the other hand

Making your partner suck your fingers is a way of penetration. It will get your finger wet to draw patterns on her. Sucking fingers is a subtle sign of dominance especially when you make her suck your thumb and middle finger. It is highly stimulating and makes your partner want to have oral sex.

  1. Hold her from back, Massage on her thigh or bikini line and press her breast simultaneously

Hold her from the back so that she cannot see you. This will give her the urge to look at you when she can’t. Give her thigh a gentle massage when you press her breasts or play with her nipples. Talk in her ears, tell her how hot she looks right now. This one thing will never fail to turn on your woman.

Hold on we are just talking about how to turn her on and not take her to Orgasm. Well, this is not just limited to women, the majority of men also enjoy it when women play with certain things with their hands. Delhi call girls are well aware of what you love and bring you the pleasure you are craving.

Once you succeed in gaining her participation you can give her the hold. When a woman is turned on with your hand she will hold your hand and take it to her most sensitive body part on her own. However, some women may just ask you to either continue or start with sex. To heat the lovemaking session it is very important to have equal participation. Since foreplay has a major role in bringing partners closer, undoubtedly 90 percent of the job is done by hand and women love that tough.

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