Isha Khurana

What You Need to Know Before Hiring Call Girls

Delhi call girls

When you think of a call girl, you’re picturing a gorgeous girl, maybe a little shorter than you, with a cute slender waist and a soft way of speaking. The kind of girl that everybody dreams of, and yet there’s a sort of taboo about them. Many guys shy away from hiring a call girl because of the social stigma surrounding these beauties, but if you’re thinking you’re going to pay for a call girl for a night of average sex, think again.

People don’t hire Delhi escorts just because they’re beautiful. Sure, that’s a factor, but the real reason these gorgeous girls are so in demand among single men (or even men in relationships, for that matter) today is that you get to live out your wildest fantasies with a beautiful escort.

All those things you never worked up the nerve to try with the girls you dated, they’re not just familiar territory to a cute escort. They’re pretty much what she’s expecting, and the answer is something you’ve probably never thought of before:

They’re just as human as you.

What Most Guys Don’t Realise About Gals

Just think about it for a second. Whether she’s an adorable, sexy escort from a Delhi escorts agency or the girl you’re dating, girls are just as sexually excitable as men: if not more!

And the best part is, an escort doesn’t have to worry about being shamed for admitting her fantasies. She’s going to be open to try most things, and fulfil fantasies you’ve only dreamed about before.

What kind? Every kind!

What Kind of Fantasies Are We Talking About?

Maybe you’re a dominant who’s never found a cute sub to softly choke while you’re making love, or a brat who’s going to be blushing hard even as you hold her legs above her head and tease her excited clit with your tongue.

Maybe you’re a real hardcore kind a lover, and want a night of great, animalistic sex with Delhi call girls with no strings attached. You know, the kind that leaves you both sweating and covered in each other’s arms.

Or maybe, just maybe, you enjoy the slow tease. The kind of scenario where you cuff her hands behind the bedpost, and pull her hips out only to tease her wet, dripping pussy with the tip of your cock, with your eyes boring into hers, telling her she’s the sexiest thing in the world for you right then.

Whatever your fantasy might be, you can be sure your escort is going to be more than willing to try it. And if you’re good enough to get her excited, she’s going to respond in kind, with the kind of teasing and great sex that leaves you breathless!

A Soft Guide to Turning On Your Escort In Bed

Let’s say you’ve finally worked up the nerve to call a Delhi call girls service and hire a beautiful escort for yourself. Hell, maybe you went overboard and got two! And she finally arrives, in a stunning dress that brings out all her curves while leaving just enough covered for your imagination to go on overdrive.

The question is, you have absolutely no idea how you’re going to turn her on, and make her as enthusiastic about the night of wild sex as you.

That’s where we come in. Below, we’re going to be talking about two kinky things to try in bed that’s going to leave her wanting way more:

1.   Dirty Talking

You might’ve seen dirty talking on one porn video or the other, but you’ll be surprised to hear that it’s actually one of the greatest female fantasies out there!

It might not be the exact thing to try with your girlfriend, but if you’re with a gorgeous escort who’s grinning up at you while wearing nothing but a towel around her, a little dirty talking can instantly turn up the mood. Wrap your hands tight around her waist, push your lips softly against her ear, and tell her she’s been a bad girl while squeezing her ass with your fingers. Do it right, do it a little rough, and she’s going to go crazy about you!

2.   Try Some Props

Props, also called sex toys, are a great addition to any evening spent with an escort if you don’t start off too strong. No whips or paddles in the beginning, but something kinky like a pair of cuffs or even a vibrator is going to make it much more pleasurable for her. Believe it or not, but being ravished by a dominant hunk of a man while she just gets teased more and more is a fantasy for any girl.

The Takeaway

With that said, though, there’s an unspoken rule when it comes to being with Chhatarpur escorts: treat her just like you would any other girl. Don’t just assume she’s attracted to you from the get go, and instead tease her enough and take control to make her like you. Above all, if you’re thinking of introducing sex toys to the night, make sure you ask her!