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What type of sex can get you out of depression and loneliness?

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Statistics on depression

According to the latest statistics, depression is the world’s fastest-growing and the most common mental disorder. It is estimated that around 1 in 20 adults on the globe are presently suffering from depression. Depression is a leading cause of suicide, and disability worldwide. More than 75% of people in low- and middle-income countries do not get a proper diagnosis and receive no treatment for depression. They also get socially ostracized which makes their condition even worse. The incidence of depression cases among adults who are 60 years and above is 2 in 35. Most extreme cases of depression can lead to suicide. Depression is also one of the leading causes of the estimated seven hundred thousand plus suicide that happen globally every year. It can cause the affected person’s performance to suffer greatly at school, college, work, etc.

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Loneliness, depression, and the urban nomads

The internet era has given birth to the concept of an urban nomad. The urban nomads are people whose work-related responsibilities require them to travel very frequently across the world such that they are not able to settle at a particular location. The new era is giving rise to a myriad of opportunities every day. The opportunities are immense but only the top performers are being sought after. The work-related pressure has increased with the globe being very connected and the entire world being a playground for various types of professionals.

According to the latest research, professionals are being immensely pressured by the demands of modern professional life. There is a large number of professionals who are working with clients at the other end of the earth in a time zone which is very different from theirs. It has also been pointed out by health and medical journals that maladies like sleep deprivation, loneliness, lack of mental relaxation, etc. are leading to loneliness-induced depression. feelings of pressure and isolation are leading to mental health issues.

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Harem sex

Men are believed to be polygamous by nature. The basic issue is the preservation of genes and their species. Women want to carry the best genes. Men want to have sex and plant their seeds in as many women as possible. This is basic human nature. This is the reason why cases of Polyandry are extremely rare when compared to historical instances of polygamy. Polyandry is when a single woman has multiple husbands. The men and women who had harems were always rich, powerful, and also were capable leaders. Cases of polyandry, as well as polygamy, happened only when a key person had significant political and military power.

Anthropologists have observed that In ancient foraging societies, the best hunters would have several wives. The same holds good for rich and powerful men who are desired by multiple women. The mating system in a Harem is polygamous. This is where the alpha male has access to multiple sexual partners. Polygamy has been practiced by rich, powerful men like the sultans, kings, and their harems.

Harems are centered around people in power. That is the reason why Harem’s sex with multiple women may be the ticket for an overworked, highly successful person to work his way out of depression and loneliness.

Benefits of Harem Sex

  1. It can make you feel like the Sultan or King 

The concept of Yin and Yang are very important for human existence. The people who are working hard 24×7 are having a meager existence of a man living in a box despite being very wealthy. He has little time for a long-term relationship. He works hard but the aftereffects of bog him down rather than making him feel like a king. Depression is different from usual mood fluctuations and short-lived emotional responses to challenges in everyday life. Especially when recurrent and with moderate or severe intensity, depression may become a serious health condition. The successful urban nomadic man can experience the company of multiple women through an agency that can enable him to feel like a true monarch.

The options of great conversation, three-some or four-some, or group sex at a convenient location come with a harem sex package from a reputed escort agency.

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  1. You will have plenty of people to converse with         

These gorgeous women who come with the Harem sex package of a reputed escort agency usually have excellent conversation skills. The agency uses handpicked women who are very intuitive. They use their understanding nature to evoke deep, caring, and connected conversations with their clients. The group of beautiful women who are part of the Harem sex package is usually extremely versatile. They are very adept at synergizing their sexual skills with each other to give the clients a truly kingly experience. A session of romping Harem sex with a group of beautiful women will make you feel like a new person. They can be your partner for the whole day and it can even extend to a week. You have the added option of going out with them in a group with yourself as the king or sultan.

3.No strings attached 

The best part about having your customized type of Harem sex from a reputed escorts agency is that it has no strings attached to it. This is also one of the prime reasons that the popularity of this type of sexual activity is growing at a rapid rate. There are options like the Arabic Sultan’s Harem and the Japanese manga in which a Harem sex experience can be themed. The experience makes you feel like an emperor while not burdening you with any responsibility.

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4. The Harem sex experience from a reputed escorts agency can be fully customized

The Harem sex experience can be fully tailor-made to enable a perfect fit with the client’s fantasies. The Harem sex experience can also include a romantic plot and the gorgeous girls of the escort’s agency can role-play to fit the description of the plot.

Made for kings

It was made or people who wore a crown. It is said that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. They would wage great wars, and undertake big conquests knowing that they could relax in their harems in the arms of gorgeous women. This is one of the ways kings and Sultans would deal with their very high-pressure lives.

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