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The Best Guide to Sexting You’re Ever Going to Read

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For most of us, sexting is something that came right out of B-grade pornos and badly written erotic fiction. Even if you know that, though, there’s a pretty good chance it’s something you’ve always thought about. How would it feel, when you’ve got your fingers around your noida escorts hips, your lips teasing her ear while you’re making love, to growl “slut” in her ear?

For the guys out there who still haven’t tried out this immense turn-on, here’s a secret: you’re missing out.

Dirty talking through sexting is a safe, uninhibited way to explore your deepest, darkest fantasies, and if that wasn’t enough, a study at the Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute found that over 90% of all women, and even noida call girls, have fantasised about dirty talking in bed!

If that isn’t as clear a go-ahead as you’re ever going to get, we don’t know what is.

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Choosing the Right Partner

However, even if that is so, it’s not always the best choice to just jump into dirty talking when you’re in bed with your girlfriend. In fact, it’s such a bad idea that if it goes wrong, you’re going to be lucky if all she does is get a little offended.

That’s why the first step to exploring dirty talking is always going to be choosing the right partner, and the right time. If you’ve already established a foundation for exploring new kinks with a girlfriend who’s just as kinky as you, you’ve got the job done right there. All that remains is to bring it up, and take your sex life up several notches when you push your lips into her ear at just the right moment and call her your dirty little slut.

On the other hand, if your girl’s more of a Plain Jane, missionary type of girl, even bringing up dirty talking is going to land you in some pretty hot water.

That’s where a beautiful escort, hired from a reliable, discreet Chhatarpur escorts comes in. These gorgeous beauties are just the right people to explore your fantasies with, and if you choose the right girl, she’s going to look back at you, red-faced and blushing, and moan even harder when you call them your “filthy little bitch”. That, people, is what great sex with dirty talking sounds like.

Getting Started With Dirty Talking: Try Sexting!

But hey, there’s no use assuming you’re screwed from the beginning, right?

Get it? Screwed?

Hey, we tried.

*Ahem*. Coming back to the point, even if your girlfriend or Ghaziabad escorts seem like she’d be down to try dirty talking, bringing it up out of nowhere in bed can turn things a little awkward. Instead, try sexting with her first, which lets you get her reactions virtually with no face-to-face awkwardness.

Start Turning Up the Heat A Little

It isn’t as hard as it sounds either. Start by describing something you’d like to hear yourself, something that just borders the line of being arousing. Here’s a great example:

“I’m lying in bed and thinking about you.”

Use any nicknames you have for her, small, cute things like princess or pumpkin, and if she’s responding well, it’s time to turn up the heat a little. Start describing what you’re doing (it doesn’t have to be what you’re actually doing, as long as it fits the mood). Tell her you’re thinking of her, and you’re hard as all hell from it. If it’s something you’d imagine whispering into her ear to tease her, it’ll work great.

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Turn Up the Heat A LOT

The next step is committing hard.

You want to be describing what you’re going to do to her later, without being too vulgar about it. Things like “I want to bend you over the kitchen counter when I’m home” are great turn-ons for anybody, while more vulgar words like “pussy” might ruin the mood for your first time sexting. Take it slow, take it sensual, and you’ve got her.

If you’re trying to be more dominant, by the way, don’t be afraid to be a little rough. Tell her you want to throw her on the bed and have your way with her, or that you want to see her face blushing and gasping as you tease her nipples.

The Bottom Line: Trying Out Dirty Talking In Real Life

You’ve come this far, so it’s a no-brainer that you’re obviously excited about trying out dirty talking in real life.

Take a second and hold your horses, though, because even if your girlfriend’s responding well to the sexting, she might object to phrases like “slut” and “bitch” when you’re actually in bed. Even if you take the time to communicate about this, a lot of girls find themselves turned off in the moment.

And that’s why we’re going to repeat a piece of advice we gave you earlier: forget the hassle and get yourself a beautiful escort. The best part about them is, it’s not just dirty talking you’re going to get. You’re paying for a night of hot, wild sex with no strings attached, and everything from spanking her and telling her she’s been a bad, bad girl to teasing her nipples with soft nibbles is on the table with these Chhatarpur escorts beauties!