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Snapshots of different types of sex parties from the ancient times

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The requirement for good food, great sex, and a fine shelter are very basic to human beings. The need for good sex is not something you need to be ashamed of. Humans are also said to be social animals. Sex parties have been providing all of the above since ancient times.

A sex party is not an orgy thing

According to historians, a sex party is not the same thing as an orgy. A sex party is not always an orgy. It is a very well-documented fact that men who could support and provide more than one wife were allowed to do so by society. The richest men of ancient times like King Solomon, Mensa Musa, etc. had more than one wife. The great King Solomon was rumored to have around 1000 wives. Sex parties behind closed doors were a norm of the bygone era. It was usually indulged in by men with immense wealth and power.

A sex party is not a novel concept

After all, the ancient Greeks did it. So, if you’re wondering what the difference between bacchanalia and Bunga Bunga is, here’s a quick rundown of the history and different types of group sex in ancient Greece, and Origin was a secret form of worship for mystery cults that may have included group sex. These were wild, drunken festivals held by the ancient Greeks to honor the wine god Bacchus. In more recent times, a business tycoon turned prominent leader like Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi made headlines when it was discovered that he had a history of organizing underwater sex parties.

A sex party usually meant ritualized and creative sex

You might be thinking, “Hey, all parties are sex parties.” And to some degree, you’d be correct. Soirees of all kinds are well-known hotspots for hook-ups – or chance encounters that will lead to some form of intercourse. However, in this case, we’re referring to the types of parties where the sex occurs within the confines of the party. For everyone, not just the fortunate few. The trailer for Jason Sudeikis’ upcoming comedy A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy just dropped, and it got me thinking about the world of group sex. Even though terms like key parties and swinging make me think of CSI or Law and Order Liber was the fertility god in ancient Rome. In springtime, large carved wooden phalluses were carted around the city and through the fields in springtime parades honoring him. Liber’s spring festivals culminated in a sacred ritual involving a married noblewoman and a priest, performing the deed in front of the entire community.

The Roman sex parties and the Bacchanalia Romana

The Romans adopted Dionysus and renamed him Bacchus around 200 B.C. According to the Roman historian Livy, early Bacchanalia celebrations in the god’s honor were held three times a year and were restricted to women who abstained from sex for ten days beforehand. Bacchanalia eventually included men, and for years featured public drunkenness and communal lasciviousness. It was not all thoughtless sexual romping but a place where everyone could get their share of fun and frolic. The mood and the focus of these parties was sexual pleasure and were pivotal moment for pleasure, particularly female pleasure.

Harems were essentially a structured hierarchical 24x7x365 sex party. The woman could compete and rise through the ranks.

Group sex was common in the 16th century, according to studies. Slave girls were either captured in war, given as gifts to the Sultan and the dynastic family on special occasions, recruited within the empire, or procured from neighboring countries to become imperial court ladies to perpetuate and serve the Ottoman dynasty (caries). The number of female slaves in the harem varied according to the fancies of the Sultan.

Sine the Harems were full of women, strong eunuchs were employed by the rulers as guards. Manumission of the previous sultan’s concubines was especially common upon a new sultan’s enthronement. The majority of enslaved girls were Christians from various countries, regions, and ethnic groups, such as Circassia, Georgia, Russia, and Africa. Caries who shared the sultan’s bed became a member of the dynasty and rose through the ranks to become gözde (‘the favorite,’ Ikbal (‘the fortunate,’ or Kadin (‘the woman/wife’). The highest position was that of the valide sultan, the sultan’s legal mother, who had been a wife or concubine of the sultan’s father before rising to the supreme rank in the harem. No court lady could leave or enter the harem without the valid Sultan’s express permission.

The valide sultan’s authority over concubines extended to matters of life and death, with eunuchs directly reporting to her. The Harem was a place where women competed with one another regarding their ability as providers of sexual pleasures among other things. There is also evidence of a Russian slave woman called Roxaleana who came to a harem as a slave girl and was later married by the Sultan.

Odalisque, a word derived from the Turkish Oda, which means chamber, was not a term synonymous with concubine; however, in western usage, the term has come to refer specifically to the harem concubine. Caries, who were frequently introduced into the harem at a young age, was raised in the palace’s discipline. This was the harem’s largest group of women. Female slaves who were inexperienced when they first entered the imperial palace were referred to as acemi (novices), and their early period of service and training was referred to as acemilik (novitiate) before they were eligible for promotions within the system. Within the harem and cariyes, there was a strict hierarchical system of status and role.

In less obvious terms, Petting parties started becoming popular across the world. These parties were not outright orgies, but they have carefully hidden sex parties that got through the legal system. They were a supposedly safe space for people to explore their sexual limitations – and they were a particularly exciting space for forward-thinking, liberal women. Therefore, sex parties have essentially emanated from the practice of the kings and emperors of the ancient era. It was an acceptable social practice indulged in by the kings. It was looked up to.

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