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Is there anything more intimate than sex?

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It is said that sex does not always involve feelings. There is a good reason that the reverse cowgirl position is among the most popular sexual positions on the planet. This particular sex position is devoid of any eye contact. Over 80 percent of men and women in a survey reported that they have had sex with someone with their eyes closed while imagining that it was someone else. One can indulge himself or herself in the erotic pleasure of an orgasm while unleashing their animalistic side. This kind of sex has its advantages but is devoid of any intimacy.

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So, what is more, intimate than sex?

Long intimate Kissing

Intimate kisses and hugs have always been considered a watered-down version of sex but it is not so. According to research, over 50 percent of the respondents in a survey conducted on college students during a spring break could hardly recall how many partners they had during their wild alcohol-driven romps but they remembered the intimate kisses in great detail. The intimate kisses were remembered by over seventy percent of the women and they considered the deep kisses more satisfying than the sex they indulged in.

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People often perceive that sex is the center point of their relationship but they subconsciously tend to club the more intimate activities like deep kissing, dancing, holding each other, etc. with sex. According to relationship experts, there are various kinds of intimacy. People indulge in it, and get pleasure out of it but don’t pay much attention to it as they tend to add it to their sexual encounters. According to research, humans are said to be gloriously emotional beings. An intimate relationship is an interpersonal relationship that involves both physical and emotional intimacy.

There is more to the human tongue than testing the quality of food

According to anatomy experts, the tongue is the strongest muscle of the human body. The human tongue has no less than eight muscles. The four intrinsic muscles enable a person to change the shape of the tongue. The other four extrinsic muscles of the tongue enable a human being to change the position of the tongue. These extrinsic muscles are also attached to the bone structure of a human being.

The tongue has motor fibers and is also lined with special sensory fibers which help determine taste and general sensory fibers which help determine sensation. According to a social psychologist, humans use kissing for mate assessment. An intimate kiss is that important. According to research by relationship experts, when two people share good chemistry a great kiss is almost always a part of the equation. When a person has great chemistry with another, they can usually indulge in a long, passionate kiss which gets them both in a trance-like state. It is also a well-known fact that great a kisser is far more likely to get selected as a partner than a bad one.

A bad kiss can prevent a relationship from going forward. A bad to moderate sexual encounter in a budding relationship is usually forgiven but a bad kiss is usually a deal-breaker.

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What happens when two people kiss intimately for over a minute?

In human relationships, the meaning and level of intimacy are vitally important. Intimate encounters through kisses become the base that binds people together. An intimate kiss usually involves a cozy hug. The skin is the largest organ of the human body. The human skin has innumerable little receptors that respond to everything from little tremors to the slightest breeze and can differentiate between a desirable and an undesirable touch. During long hugs, a chemical called oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is also called the love hormone. Emotional intimacy develops after a certain level of trust is established. The effects of a long, warm embrace are oxytocin release and are followed by the subsequent phenomenon of the partners trusting each other more. Oxytocin promotes feelings of trust, nurturing, and calm. The effect of a warm, intense hug also improves your physiological stability.

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What is the physiological impact of the saliva exchange during a deep kiss?

Human saliva is often taken as a sample for a health examination. This is exactly what the exchange of saliva during a kiss does. It is well documented that 95 percent of the human mind is subconscious. The saliva exchange during a kiss feeds the human subconscious a zillion bytes of information on the health, compatibility, and chemistry of the partner. A long kiss provides vital information on whether the other person is receptive or not. A kiss has stages and the more receptive signals a partner in the kiss gets, the more intensely he or she gets into the kiss. The world record for the longest kiss is 58 hours 35 minutes and 58 seconds. A good kiss progresses in intensity. The simple kiss between two human beings is entrenched with very deep implications. Scientists have only reached a few meters of the enormous depth of human physiology. The saliva exchange during the human kiss also enables a partner to run a subconscious mind-driven full-blown scan of the health of the other partner.

The role of the intense hug during a deep kiss

Do you know that a human’s eye can see his or her nose all the time but chooses to ignore it? It is a fairly recent discovery. The power of a kiss does not stop here. Scientists have recently discovered a unique phenomenon called skin hunger. This phenomenon is the reason why human beings love a delicate, loving touch. The hug during an intense kiss also satisfies the skin hunger of a human being. This is also the phenomenon why human beings shell out so much money for massages and feel like a new person after a massage.

Experts say that the key to great intimacy is a total lack of inhibitions. It also involves partners being their true selves. Intimacy is only possible along with a great measure of transparency between the partners. Unmasking the heart to each other goes a very long way in deepening the bond in a relationship. A long, deep, and intimate kiss does all these things in a seamless and very simple manner. Most people forget their sexual romps but they always remember their deep intimate kisses.

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