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How important is the size of your penis?

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According to market surveys over the ages, one single question has defined male insecurity. More than 40 percent of the males think that they have a small penis and penis size is a very sensitive issue for them. The very desirable urban, rich and famous males also suffer from this insecurity. Before the internet age, men didn’t even know who they could ask this question. The size of the penis has always been rated as a question that people wanted to ask but could not.

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The penis has been a subject of great interest. There is also a penis museum.

The Icelandic Phallological Museum was founded by Sigorour Hiartarson in the year 1997. His interest in the penis sprang out of a childhood experience. He was given a cattle whip which was made out of a bull’s penis. The largest penis on display in the Phallological Museum is a 67-inch or 170-centimeter front tip of a blue whale penis. It is also mentioned that it is just the front tip of the blue whale penis. The entire penis of the blue whale, if displayed, would have been about 5 meters or 16.4042 feet in length and would have weighed about 400 kilograms or 882 pounds. The penis collection of the museum is about 280 penises from 93 species of animals. The penis collection of the museum also includes a rare polar bear penis. Approximately sixty percent of the museum’s visitors are women. Over 300 people visit the museum every day.

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How long is the average male penis?

It should be noted that over 60 percent of the males feel very awkward visiting places like nude beaches, locations of orgies, etc. where the size of their penis can be easily judged. According to surveys, over 80 percent of males overestimate the size as well as the utility of a long penis. The average penis length is 3.6 in or a little over 9 centimeters when flaccid and 5.2 inches or a little over 13 centimeters when erect. The circumference of the average penis, when flaccid, is estimated to be 3.66 inches or 9.31 centimeters. On the other hand, the circumference of an average erect penis is around 4.59 inches or 11.7 centimeters.

Coming back to the point, what is a small penis?

However, in this internet age, the answers can be obtained directly from professional medical research. A small penis is less than 4 centimeters or 1.6 inches in length when it is flaccid. The erect length of a penis can be considered small only when it is less than 7.5 centimeters or 3 inches in length.

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How much do women care about the men’s penis size?

A survey conducted on what women look for in men when they look for a long-term relationship was a revelation. The women put a priority on the chemistry they shared with the man. One of the initial barometers of the man-woman chemistry was how long they conversed with each other.

The women also looked for openness in the man. The willingness of the man to step away from his position of power to form a partnership with the woman was also given priority by the women.

The women also looked for emotional stability and a sense of humor in their prospective mates. They also rated the man’s ability to deal with a tough situation as a priority quality in their long-term mates.

The women did not even mention the size of the penis. However, they also wanted a partner who is good in bed. The studies suggest that women do not pay much attention to the penis size of their prospective mates. The women tended to bundle the overall experience of sex and intimacy rather than focusing on a man’s penis size. They also wanted a mate who knew how to touch, caress and pleasure their female partners. The overall health of the man was also given a top priority by the women.

Men have been focusing on the wrong area

The women are more concerned about the overall experience of sex. Men need to be confident in their ability and focus on pleasuring their mates rather than worrying about the size of their penis.

It is important to be healthy, confident, and empathetic

It is important for men to be healthy and have the necessary empathy to understand the needs of the woman in their lives. Women also rated the overall grooming of the man as important. Pubic hair trimming service is also gaining in popularity. Some men find that removing pubic hair gives their penis more prominence. Surveys have shown that if a person considers himself attractive, a person is perceived by the opposite sex as more attractive. It is important for men to feel desirable and attractive. The appearance of your genitals is affected by temperature and your state of mind. Therefore, feeling bogged down and anxious causes the man’s penis to shrink. It is important that the man feels confident which will make his penis appear larger and ready to go.

Don’t compare yourself to porn actors

The silver screen is a make-belief world and it has nothing to do with reality. The people that are seen in porn videos are actors and the sex acts go through editing, retakes, etc. just like a movie. Male porn actors are often employed for their unusually large penises. An average man comparing his penis to a porn actor’s is a waste of time. It is like comparing your driving skill and speed while going to the office to that of a racing car driver on a race track. If a regular person tries to outdo the speed of a racing car diver on the road, he will end up behind bars. The porn videos are made to put up a good show. The regular guy has to ensure both he and his partner are having satisfying sex. The context is entirely different.

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Focus on her clitoris and your sexual stamina rather than your penis size

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. Stimulating the clitoris does not need a big penis During intercourse, a woman’s vagina adapts to her partner’s penis, deepening, widening, and lubricating during sexual arousal. More importantly, the size of a man’s penis has nothing to do with his stamina.

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